Hear the powerful stories from clients who experienced increased revenue, connected people & a stronger culture with The Campfire Effect
Increase Sales with Clarity and Organizational Alignment
"Everybody in the organization feels way more connected to what it is that we're up to"
6th Division
"Our reps and our employees really felt like they were a part of the organization"
Ben Miller
Northwestern Mutual
"It was a gift to be able to give to these high performing leaders"
Adam Goodman
Goodman Interiors
If They Feel This Way About The Campfire Effect, Shouldn't You Find Out Why?
"I see now how I can take my business to a new level. This has been a game changer."
"I am completely confident now that I can tell anyone in 60 seconds what we do in a simple, clear and powerful way"
“We got immediate results from the Campfire Effect process that we were able to implement the next day"
"It was a gift to be able to give to these high performing leaders and they were very grateful"
"Really helped me narrow in on why this business is important to me, my customers and investors."
"In the last year I've spent over $250K on my brand. My investment with The Campfire Effect is hands down the best investment I've made."
“We were able to increase our revenue by $7,500/month within about two to four weeks time”
“We now know how to translate what we do into a story that is way more impactful when sharing with prospective customers”
"We were able to get to a place where we all agreed on what our brand was & what makes us who we are"
"This has been transformational. After 48 hours we feel super confident that we can have a powerful connection with our customers."
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